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What is Scrip Fundraising?

  Your member families simply do their regular weekly shopping with gift cards from America's favorite retailers.  With each purchase, our church/school earns cash rebates that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a year - money to help Holy Trinity Parish finances.

  An organization of 150 families easily spends between one and two million dollars per year on food, gas, clothing and other essentials.  If these families use Scrip for these purchases, they can raise as much as $40,000 to $80,000 per year - without spending an additional penny.

To download a SCRIP purchase form, click here .
If you have any additional questions, please contact the parish office.

Great Lakes SCRIP center
You can browse for additional scrip by visiting the Great Lakes website.

If you would like to view/print a complete list of ALL of the SCRIP available, click one of the below links:

Note: If you would like to add a special order off the above lists, please call the parish office or let our SCRIP people know.  We generally order scrip on Mondays and it comes in 3-4 days, so we can have it for the following weekend.

Please help Holy Trinity finances and use scrip when you shop!